Services: Fabrication, Restoration, Design 

DeAngelis Iron Work: Services Provided

Since 1954, DeAngelis Iron Work, Inc. has been fabricating and restoring ornamental metal work for clients in the Northeast as well as throughout the United States. Over the years, the company has emerged as a leader in the execution of highly acclaimed, award-winning projects. Today, DIW offers a full range of ornamental metal capabilities to general contractors, municipalities, private institutions, and historic commissions.

Whether crafting intricate gates, monumental stairs, railings, or other decorative elements, DIW combines the creativity, craftsmanship, and technical skill required to produce unique and visually appealing pieces. Our staff of experienced professionals includes sales personnel, estimators, detailers, and project managers. Our 23,000 square-foot production facility houses a wide range of metal working machinery and includes a fully operational blacksmith shop.



Years of experience and wide-ranging expertise have enabled DeAngelis Iron Work to achieve and maintain the highest standards of custom metal fabrication. Long recognized and respected for its work in ornamental iron, the firm has also successfully produced dozens of custom projects in stainless steel, bronze, brass, and nickel silver.

Areas of Iron Fabrication Expertise:

  • Glass and Stainless Steel Railing Systems
  • Monumental Spiral Stairs
  • Bronze Railings (interior and exterior)
  • Stainless Steel Cable Rails
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Fabrications involving Custom Castings
  • Custom Hand-Forged Work in Blacksmith Shop
  • Custom Architectural Canopies
  • Corten Fabrication


Today, much of the magnificent early 1900’s iron work found at universities, parks, libraries, and other institutions has fallen into disrepair. DeAngelis Iron Work has long been an industry leader in the restoration of ornamental ironwork. When contracted to perform restoration work, we become intimately involved in every phase of the operation. DeAngelis professionals work closely with property owners, architects, contractors, and consultants from initial inspection through final re-installation. The result is historically accurate, fully restored iron work that helps revitalize our public and private architectural treasures.

Areas of Expertise in Restoration of Iron Work :

  • Off-site Restoration of Gates and Fencing
  • In Situ Restoration of Cast Iron Facades
  • Replication of Custom Cast Iron Components (to include new Pattern Work and Molds)
  • Replication of damaged / missing Hand-Forged Components in-house (in DIW Blacksmithing Shop)




DeAngelis Iron Work serves as a valued industry partner to designers, engineers, and landscape architects, providing the support needed to win and manage key contracts. Our personnel can provide guidance and direction on all aspects of ornamental metal work including fabrication techniques, materials, finishes, and cost projections.

Areas of Design Expertise:

  • Design Assist
  • Delegated Design
  • Progress Estimating
  • Value Engineering



Given the complexity of the work that the company routinely produces, each installation must be thoroughly planned (well in advance of the onset of fabrication) to ensure that the work will be installed in the proper sequence and in concert with other trades. This advance planning is an all-important step and is paramount to the successful completion of a project. In-house installation crews ensure that the product will be handled properly and installed with precision—all with the flexibility to change with ever-evolving (and increasingly aggressive) modern day construction schedules.

Areas of expertise: