Smith College Gate Restoration

Iron Work Restoration Projects The experienced craftspeople at DIW, armed with decades of experience, bring to the table a blend of traditional techniques and modern fabrication technology to ensure that iron installations which have fallen into disrepair are restored in a manner that is authentic to the original time period of the work. Whether it’s […]


Boston Consulting Group Stairs

Commercial Iron Work Projects Our Commercial Clients often rely on DIW to provide custom fabrications on tight deadlines without compromising quality.  Coordination with other trades and upholding scheduling milestones and deadlines are as important as the quality and accuracy of the work. View More Work Portfolios


Memorial Church At Harvard University

Institutional Iron Work Projects Our work for Colleges, Universities and other Institutions often becomes / restores the focal point of a Building or Complex.  From a monumental spiral stair to an ornamental iron gate through which students process at graduation, DIW installations often carry a ceremonial significance that lends to the history and tradition so […]