Alston Library – Institutional

Allston Library

Honan Allston Library, Allston, MA: Bike Racks, Tree Pits Cast In Ductile Iron Honan Allston Library, Allston, MA. The tapered, round posts for both the bike racks and the tree pits were cast in ductile iron. Other components were created using a combination of casting, water jet cutting and hand forging. Following fabrication, all components were […]

Titus Sparrow Fencing – Institutional

Titus Sparrow Fencing - Boston, MA

Titus Sparrow Park, Boston, MA: Fabrication, Finishing and Installation – Custom Iron Fencing This project at Titus Sparrow Park, Boston, MA involved the fabrication, finishing and installation of approximately 450 linear feet of custom iron fencing. Fence posts, picket finials, quatrefoils and flowers were all custom cast utilizing new pattern work created specifically for this […]

Memorial Church, Harvard University Boston, MA

Memorial Church At Harvard University

Memorial Church, Harvard University: Fabrication, Finishing and Installation of Newly Forged Gates This historical restoration project, at the Memorial Church located at Harvard University, involved the fabrication, finishing and installation of new forged gates  The double swing, full height gates (in the center) were designed and fabricated to match the (8) existing half-height grilles on […]